Stretch enhancers, eQTL, chromatinQTL, and GWAS.

Our paper titled "Cell specificity of human regulatory annotations and their genetic effects on gene expression" is now accepeted in Genetics! Thanks to Arushi for leading us through this project!

21 Dec 2018

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Happy Holidays from the Parker lab!

We wish everyone a happy holiday season!

12 Dec 2018

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FUSION 2018 in Ann Arbor!

Exciting developments at 2-day FUSION conference, an international collaboration between investigators across five institutions to study diabetes.

14 Nov 2018

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Parker and Bielas labs awarded Precision Health Initiative grant!

The Parker and Bielas labs have teamed up and were awarded a Precision Health Initiative grant titled "Genetic modulators of opioid exposure in human neurologic development." Congrats to the team!

24 Oct 2018

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Ricardo nominated for a teaching award

Ricardo was nominated by the Bioinformatics Department for the Excellence in Teaching Award

19 Jul 2018

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BoostMe paper published

Our work with the Collins lab at NIH "BoostMe accurately predicts DNA methylation values in whole-genome bisulfite sequencing of multiple human tissues" is now published in BMC Genomics

23 May 2018

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YAMDA is now published!

YAMDA, a GPU accelerated motif discovery algorithm developed by postdoctoral fellow Daniel Quang is now published in Bioinformatics.

22 May 2018

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Ricardo at Biology of Genomes

Ricardo's submission was selected for a talk at Biology of Genomes 2018!

11 May 2018

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Peter awarded 3rd year as GSTP fellow

Peter Orchard will remain a trainee on the NHGRI-funding Genome Sciences Training Program, a training grant for PhD students and postdocs.

03 May 2018

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